We're only Human After All


Quick 2014 List

- Leave YH before Summer (it’s been swell, but I need to leave in order to grow as a cook, not stay and feel like any effort is going to waste by feeling underpaid & understaffed)
- Record guitar parts, no more waiting on the others for a meet up
- Save save save $$$ :( $20-$30 splurge limit monthly now
- Do NFL Combine workout for ‘15 SportsFest ;) Go BeastMode (meaning NO MORE FOOTBALL GEAR TO BE BOUGHT! USE WHAT YOU’VE GOT NOW SUCKKA!)

Little by little, Joel. You’ve already achieved these goals before even finishing them. Follow through and you’ll be great man! :)




The greatest scene in all animated movie history.

I may or may not recite this when I’m looking for things.

I wonder how long people have been waiting for these gifs

probably just as long as they’ve been waiting for Incredibles 2